The Maison

The Maison Olivier & Lafont was founded in 2011 by Gerald Lafont et Baptiste OLIVIER. Gerald and Baptiste express through their wines the combination of tradition and modernity, with deep wine but also greedy and fruity. “We are making pleasure wine for consumers.” The wines are selections made in the prestigious wineries they consult for and where arise original and sometimes surprising blends

The Maison produces 3 types of wine

First of all the wines born from the passion we share with friends importers. For example, we created in partnership with our friend Serge Doré, President Serge Doré Selections, the brand of wines from the Rhone Valley named Adissat.

The Maison also offers the range Olivier & Lafont. Through this range, we produce precise, elegant and delicious wines, wines of intense pleasure, reminiscent of the delicacy and sweetness of ripe fruit with suave sensations.

Finally, the range Tradition, which wines are confidential cuvées through which Gerald and Baptiste want to offer exciting wines in depth, more traditional and richer, while retaining their leitmotiv of pleasure wine.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation.