The Team

Native of Léognan, a Bordeaux wine village, Baptiste his youth immersed in a wine environment and a landscape. “Coming from a family passionate about wine and good food, I still remember the big family meals and cheerful and dionysian atmosphere that prevailed there.”
His studies in agronomy and enology take him to Angers, where he does an internship at the Domaine de Bablut and where Christophe Daviau transmits his passion of the terroir and the plant, and Montpellier where he completes his studies to become Engineer viticulture and oenology and oenologist. Having forged his experience in the US (Shug Carneros Estate Winery), Australia (Poet’s Corner) and France (Château Smith Haut Lafitte) Baptist falls in love with the wines of the Rhone Valley during the realization of a study on the terroir for the syndicate of Cotes du Rhone.

He then decided to work for a wine trading company of the Boisset Group based near Orange for which he is consultant for loyal suppliers of the company. “This experience gave me a passion for winegrowers and the importance of team working, the fact that working together permits to go further.” He also takes on technical responsibility for the restructuring of the domaine de la Chartreuse Bonpas.

From the end of 2004, he decided to devote his energy and his career to wine consulting in Châteauneuf du Pape where he lives and in Ventoux and the Luberon. He thus shares his experience with a certain number of domaines of great international renown … He works with small winemakers as well as larger structures, always with the aim of expressing the characteristics of the raw material and the wishes of the winemakers.

In 2011, he decided with his friend and colleague Gérald Lafont to create his own trading company, Olivier & Lafont, with the desire to offer wines from his passion and experience, full and fresh wines, representative of their terroir, selected in the cellars with which he works.

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